We offer a very profitable food fundraiser which is a great way to make money by selling people something they want to purchase, like Beef Jerky. Use Jerky  Fundraising and make people happy.

In fact, fundraising involving a food product, is one of the top fundraising ideas used by many community organizations.  The market for food fundraising products right now is huge, the demand is great - this means more sales and  more profits.  Ours is a PRE-SELL fundraiser which does not require any upfront money.

We deliver all orders and ON TIME.  All orders are organized by the seller and class/team, making it easy for distribution.

The universal appeal of beef jerky makes Island Jerky the best year-round fundraising choice, more so due to the simple fact that it is a more healthy choice than chocolate or cookies.

Since day one, Island Jerky has been committed to making the finest beef jerky.  We only use 100% AAA Canadian Beef.

Island Jerky will do whatever it takes to make this the easiest fundraising program you can run.  You will always deal with a real live person to help you get started, to set up all details of delivery and assist you with any and all questions or concerns that may arise.

Given the generous profit margins our products provide, we are the best way for you to make the money your organization needs to reach their fundraising goals.

How an Island Jerky Fundraiser Works

Customer calls or emails Island Jerky to setup sale/delivery dates and is given all the information needed.  Each of our customers choose a date and time for delivery.  We suggest that each group sells for about 2-3 weeks and then receives the delivery 7 days after their sales ends.

Fundraising kit is sent to the chairperson/organizer.

Chairperson/organizer reviews all information and then provides each participant with an Order Form, cover letter explaining important dates and how to provide information to the chairperson/organizer for ease of management.

Each participant then takes the package to their friends, neighbors, workplace and relatives to create sales.  Participants record sales on their order form.  Orders are tallied on the order form and collection envelope.

Participants collect the money when they take the order.  All cheques or  money orders are made out to the organization (cheque is made out to the organization so that they have their profits upfront) and are placed in the collection envelope.

The participant must keep the order form (to distribute jerky to the buyer later)  and turn in the collection envelopes to the chairperson/organizer on the specified date.  The chairperson/organizer then tallies orders per participant to make sure quantity matches amount collected and then calls in or emails Island Jerky with the order, a minimum of 7 days prior to delivery date.  Payment is also collected this time less profits (Cash, Debit, Visa, Paypal, Money Order, E-transfer).

The order will be completed and packaged individually per participant, shipped to arrive at pre-selected delivery date, time and location that was requested by the chairperson/organizer.   We will gladly assist with unloading, but we do ask for volunteers to assist with unloading.  They count the order and verify everything is correct.